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The world has been working successfully for over a decade in the field of software development and services. Founded by a few of skilled software engineers, the software company offers extremely simple and user-friendly solutions for specialized educational institution management system. Which is being widely appreciated by the users. ... Ensuring speed, transparency and accountability for the full use of time in this age of information technology is the need of the hour. Information technology based management is essential in the management system of educational institutions for bringing dynamism in the activities of the institution, accurate and assured results. To this end, Edu world is an automated management system for multi-level security and user-based permission process for all information of educational institutions. The amount of time, money and labor spent on running an organization in the traditional way used today will be multiplied. The company is accredited by BASIS & ECAB, an organization of software industry professionals. read more

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Software Development

Researching, designing, implementing, and managing software programs. Testing and evaluating new programs. Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications. ...Writing and implementing efficient code. The world is a custom software development destination that specializes in made software on a variety of technology platforms. We proud ourselves on our ability to craft the perfect custom program that will optimize your company’s for the next age. We have been providing the best quality software solution to our clients still now. The best leading software development company in Bangladesh, we have served leading corporate entities from home and abroad about their different needs with most industry-oriented customized solutions. In terms of the affordable, highest quality of work and customer support, The world is the clients’ first choice In each project, we perform UX and UI design; make architecture as well as run coding, integration, and deployment. We run the overall project management and report to you on the progress of each project. We work according to a wide range of development methodologies, including Agile and DevOps, and apply CI/CD (CI/CD is a method to frequently deliver apps to customers by introducing automation into the stages of app development. The main concepts attributed to CI/CD are continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment.) approaches to speed up software delivery. Our developers are always enthusiastic about new technologies and non-trivial architectures to maximize the value that the developed applications bring to your business, however, focusing on software reliability first. read more

Web Development

The world is a reputed web development company in Bangladesh. We have been creating, designing and implementing custom web projects for our clients as well as providing services in various fields over the last few years. ... Regardless of the need for any kind of creative web application, The World is one of the leading web development firms in Bangladesh. Our main goal is to provide our customers with an attractive and quality web site of any kind. read more

Educational Institution Management

Most of the institutions in our country are being run in the traditional way. Institutions run on a manual basis are more accustomed to using paper pens and feel more comfortable. But on the contrary, ... only the users can realize the huge progress and dynamism that has taken place in the management of the organization as a result of the use of information technology. The use of automation in the offices of the organization makes it possible to perform more tasks in a short time and prepare accurate and guaranteed results, which saves a lot of working hours. As a result, teachers are able to focus on various development and research activities. The image of the organization is changing. As the activities of the organizations run in the process of automation are quick and easy, the level of concentration on creative work including improving the quality of teachers and students is increasing. As a result, teachers and officials have the opportunity to concentrate on creative work, including improving the quality of students. This can contribute to the development of the organization much more than the current time. The data of many years of the organization is also being found at the moment. Alumni are also being provided with a quick solution to various types of necessary information through this software. The information is kept safe and secure. read more


E commerce is a part of our business. We providing a e art gallery named Artshop. This gallery is the largest e-gallery of Bangladesh. Just like brick-and-mortar galleries your artwork can be displayed and sold through Artshop. ... The site also provides services. such as Painting, Reproduction Painting, Designing and Printing items. You can easily order Paintings, Reproduction Paintings and Designing services from this site by following the mentioned instructions. The purchasing process of al goods is the same. We collect the paintings of famous Bangladeshi artists and store them on our site. The artworks are categorized into different menus according to their criteria. If you want to reproduced a world famous painting displayed in gallery, our skilled and masterful artists will gladly do it for you. The painting will look as natural and beautiful as the original work. read more


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Webmail Service

Webmail (or web-based email) is an email service that can be accessed using a standard web browser. This is in stark contrast to the email services that are accessible through a special email client software. We tailor the mail to ... the user's needs. Its price varies according to the store size. read more

Domain & Hosting

The world is Hosting Company. We provide domain registration and SSD web hosting service. We use USA based powerful Hosting server. Our USA located servers help our clients to get secure web hosting service from us. ... We provide domain registration service and web hosting service both. Our dedicated customer support team helps our valuable clients immediately any kinds of hosting and domain related troubles. If you want to get best quality and secure web hosting from Bangladesh at reasonable price and full satisfaction, The world should be your first choice without any doubt.  You can get shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated server from us. We have been providing secure, fast and reliable web hosting. read more

Attendance Device

Edu world is giving Real time attendance. Students will be able to make instant observations at any time, from any place. In real time the present and absent SMS of the students will be sent to the parents' mobile no. This requires an ... online attendance device. Our device comes with power backup and builtin internet connection. read more


"Edu world's institutions management system software is a very effective software for our organization. Website and internal management system is being used very nicely and efficiently. we are using the most recent admission managment system and that’s working well. Thanks Edu world "

- Principal, Government College of Commerce

"We Collegiate School have been using Edu world website for a long time and the management system is working very well. The management system and the website have been using for a long time so we have not faced any problem. Thank you all for your nice support."

- Head Master, Chattogram Collegiate School

"Edu world's institution management software is excellent .We use and enjoy the support is very good. Whenever they are called they come and solve the solution. Thank you all for the nice support. "

- Principal, Fatehabad City Corporation Degree College

"We are using Edu world website. This website is working very efficiently and their support system is very advanced. They give solution whenever they are called and it is working nicely on our website. Thank you Edu world."

- Principal, Kulgoah City Corporation Degree College

"We've been using Edward's software since the beginning. The modules of the software are very nice. The modules we are using and the models are working fine. So far no problem has been encountered."

- Principal, Baizid Model School, Chattogram

"The organization has gone digital. The work of the organization is progressing. The work of the organization has become dynamic. All the teachers, officers and employees are feeling very comfortable using the software. Thanks to Edu World for providing this beautiful and functional software."

- Principal, Government Matamuhuri College

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